We offer:

  • Industrial hydraulics and pneumatics 
  • Hydraulics for metallurgical equipment as well as large and small diameter cylinders 
  • Hydraulic external gear pumps, internal gear pumps, vane pumps 
  • Hydraulic high and low pressure hand pumps 
  • Hydraulic motors in different versions 
  • Axial piston motors and pumps
  • Hydraulic drives for industry and mobile technology  
  • Hydraulic valves, hydraulic throttles, multistation manifold plates 
  • Hydraulic power units in different types and versions 
  • Hydraulic accumulators, energy accumulators 
  • Cooling systems for pressure fluid 
  • Controls for hydraulic-pneumatic processes
  • Electronic drives of different performance for any industrial sector
  • Pneumatic control systems, pneumatic cylinders, valves, vacuum technology
  • Electronic controls, actuator drives, maintenance equipment, complex control systems
  • Low and high pressure hoses 
  • Fittings and armatures for low and high pressure hoses 
  • Presses for hose fittings in different types and versions 
  • Ball valves and multi-way ball valves 
  • Filters and filter components 
  • Maintenance equipment for pressure fluids, removal systems for free and loosed water
    in oil 
  • Couplings for torque transmission of different types and forms, mounting elements for pumps and motors 



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